The Kincaid Karacter Puppets

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"Delightful shows... a skillful blend of comedy, history, and audience participation"... Missouri Arts Council


General Pricing Information

The Kincaid Karacter Puppets performance rates are based on either a single show of 30-40 minutes or a package of three 30-40 minute shows- performed at the same location on the same day- and are further divided into three categories- Local, Regional, and National:

Local Rates- apply to those venues within 30 miles of Marietta, GA;

Regional Rates- apply to those venues over 30 miles but not exceeding 100 miles from Marietta, GA;

National Rates- apply to venues beyond this travel area.* For your convenience, all travel and accommodation costs are included in these rates.

Current Rates

For specific information on current rates, please contact our show office. 

​Show Specifics and Venue Requirements

The Kincaid Karacter Puppets ordinarily offer about 5 different shows on average in any given touring year; please contact our office to find out which shows we're currently featuring. All shows run approx. 30 minutes and come complete with their own sound system, as well as the capability to hook into your sound system should you so desire. A 5' by 5" flat, level area is required for our puppet booth, plus appropriate space in front of the booth to accommodate your audience. This area should preferably be weather secure; if not, please arrange to have an alternate, weather secure performance area available on site in case inclement weather conditions develop, since we cannot issue rain checks.